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Romantic message – BONUS : I can cry with you

If one day you feel like crying call me.

I don’t promise that I will make you laugh,

But I can cry with you

Romantic message – 1 : I will be there

When it hurts to look back,

You are scared to look ahead,

Just look beside you and

I will be there …

Romantic message – 2 : Without YOU

The sky without stars like sleep

Without dreams like song

Without music like rose

Without smell like face

Without smile like ME without YOU ….

Romantic message – 3 : Without messages !

Remember, that there will always be someone,

Who remembers you everyday

With or without messages !

That’s me ….  L

Romantic message – 4 : In your arms

A sweet love conversation :

Boy : I don’t dance but I would love to hold you while you do .

Girl : I don’t dance but I would love to dance if it gives me chance to be in your arms …

Romantic message – 5 : I’ll always be there

Think of me when your heart needs company,

Take my hand when you feel lonely turn to me ,

When you need someone to talk …

Cause I’ll always be there for you …. (:

Romantic message – 6 : Unlimited Space for you

Every time I hear a message tone,

I always hope one of them comes from YOU.

My SIM card has a limited memory

But my sim HEART has unlimited space for you.

Romantic message – 7 : Distance never separates two hearts

Distance never separates two hearts that really care,

For our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there.

But whenever I start feeling sad,

Because I miss you…

I remind myself how lucky I am to have

Someone so special to miss …

Romantic message – 8 : You never stop me from loving you

Ask my eyes to stop looking at you,

Ask my brain to stop thinking about you,

Ask my imagination to stop dreaming about you,

Ask my heart to stop beating,

Ask me everything but don’t you ever stop me

From loving you …

Romantic message – 9 : Do you know


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Do you know about the things which live after death ?

Eyes – 31 minutes

Brain – 10 mins

Legs – 4hrs

Skin – 5 days

Heart – 10 mins

Bones – 30 days

Love – forever !

Romantic message – 10 : I love you !!!

The nominees for nice lovers are :






& the winner is me !

I have you !!!


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