Kya app zindagi main safalta hasil karna chahte ho ? , agar apko safalta chahiye to pehle apne app se wada karo, tab jakar app apni kamyabi k ore bad sakte ho. kamyabi ko pane ka sabse bada acha tarika hai app khud ko khud se wada karo jise andruni Shakti ko badha sako. Sath hi ohi kaam karo jise aap ko dur tak safalta dila sake.
Zindagi main yeh maine nahi rakhta hai ki app dusre ko kya wada karte ho , apke zindagi main yeh baat ka maina rakta hai ki app apni kamyabi (goal) ko pane k liye kya wada karte ho aur us wada par app kaam kya karte ho jise apni kamyabi k sath jude rahe sako aur uski parwah kar sako hamesa.
Apke zindagi main liya hua har ek fesla aur har ek kadam aapke dream aur aapki kamyabi k ore hona chahiye. App se wada karna ek kunjee hai jo aap ko andar se Shaktishali banana k sath aap ko bharosa dilate hai safalta k ore.
kamyabi k liye kya hua khud se wada ko ek dairy main likhein aur use har roj raat main sone se pehle paida karein sakaratmak (positive) soch se. apne sakaratmak drishtikon k madhyam se bhavnao ko Jahir karein , ache shabd aur ache adatto k sath.
Apko har din ek list (daily routine) banana hoga jis main app khud se wada karna hoga ajj din bhar main apko kya kya karna hai apke kamyabi k liye aur us main aap ko chalna hai, Jab tak app pure din ka wada pura na kar le phir sona nahi , apko waqt ki pehchan karni hogi aur use aapko sahi tarike se bebhar (use) karna hai.
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Zindagi main badalo tabhi ayegi jab app apne abhyas (habits) main badlao la sake. Khud se kya hua wada aur uspe kya hua kaam aap ki addatto ko sharafat main badalne k liye sabse acha anushmark hai.


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